Basics of Programming

Nimit Singhania

Programming has evolved from the olden days when the computers had first appeared. Today, programming is much more accessible to everyone, and much easier to perform than those days. The goals of programming have changed and now it is more about connecting and creating than building solution to complex problems. Despite, the decades of knowledge developed in computer science is useful and can be applied in various situations related to life and work. The goal here is to collect notes that can simplify complex computer science concepts and relate them to the everyday life of people. The notes are meant to be accessible to everyone and everyone can take away something to implement in their daily lives.
November 30, 2022: Finite State Machines
October 15, 2022: Random Processes
July 13, 2022: Formalization
July 09, 2022: First Order Logic
November 15,2021: Computers with Oracles
July 02, 2021: Abstraction